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Waec 2017 Literature In English (Prose And Obj) Answers Posted – May/June Expo



Note: You Are To Answer Only 2 question
Ajumobi was a brave and powerful hunter who enjoyed boasting of his prowess as a successful hunter.
In his lifetime, he was firm and had absolute control of his household.
Ajumobi was a happy and lively man.
Like most men in Kufi, he liked drinking palmwine in the company of friends. He was quite ambitious. Prior to his death, he planned to renovate his house and even take a second wife. Yaremi loved her husband greatly and in spite of their many squabbles in his lifetime, she missed his affection and companionship.

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i)Blindness: In the ancient Greek drama, Oedipus the tragic hero is convinced he can overcome the Oracle’s predication that he will unwittingly kill his father and marry his mother. He blinds himself in a fit of rage after the prophecy is fulfilled.
ii)Hubris: Is the word given to the excessive pride exhibited by the tragic hero in ancient Greek drama, which brings about his downfall. It is hubris that ultimately causes Bigger’s death. Filled with excitement after committing the seemingly ultimate crime-killing and decapitating a white woman-Bigger puts aside his doubts and his instinctual desire to run and save himself and repeatedly returns to the scene of the crime, the Dalton house.

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