Waec 2017 Crs Obj And Theory Answers – May/June Expo

Isreal what was evil in the sight of
the lord after the death of
Ehud.Isreal sinned then God raised
an oppressor usually a nation,then
God would raise a deliverer and
there will be years of peace and
Deborah was a judge and this was
necessesitated by her charismatic
gift.Jabin, a king in canaan
oppressed Isreal after Isreal had
sinned.Deborah was raised as a
prophetess and judge at this time
for isreal to deliver her from the
hand Jabin. Sisea was the
commander in chief of armed
force of the Jabin. When the time
of deliverance came for God to
deliver Isreal fro the hand of Jabin
of Canaan, God used the
Deborah.Deborah called on barah
to lead his army of Isreal against
Jabin and Sisea.Barak Urged
deborah to go with him to the
battle front.Deborah agreed but
told barak that God would give
the glory of the victory to a
woman.and truly,It was Jael,the
wife of Haber the Kenite that the
credit of the victory went. Jael
killled Sisera with a tent peg by
nailing him to the ground through
his temple when Sisera was
deeply asleep.
i) Woman can go into politics and
affect government bills before
they are passed into laws
ii) Woman can accept to serve in
government parastatals,board and
iii) Women can contribute in
business and economic
i)The two robbers: They were
crucified along side Jesus
Christ,one on his right hand and
the other on the left. One showed
the act of repentance.
ii)Joseph Arimathea was a disciple
of Jesus Christ,he went to Pilate
and asked for the body of Jesus.
Pilate ordered it to be given to
him. Joseph took the body and
wrapped it in a clean linen and
laid it in his own new tomb. He
rolled a great stone at the
entrance of the tomb and
departed. He showed that act of a
faithful christian
i) It tells us as Christians to have a
repentance spirit.
ii) It also teaches us that Jesus has
Power to save a sinner
iii) It shows that God is a merciful
Pharaoh had a dream: He was
standing by the Nile, when out of
the river there came up seven
cows, sleek and fat, and they
grazed among the reeds. After
them, seven other cows, ugly and
gaunt, came up out of the Nile and
stood beside those on the
riverbank. And the cows that were
ugly and gaunt ate up the seven
sleek, fat cows. Then Pharaoh
woke up. He fell asleep again and
had a second dream: Seven heads
of grain, healthy and good, were
growing on a single stalk. After
them, seven other heads of grain
sprouted thin and scorched by the
east wind. The thin heads of grain
swallowed up the seven healthy,
full heads. Then Pharaoh woke up;
it had been a dream.
i)Joseph’s family from Canaan
came to live in Egypt.
ii)He reconciled with his brothers
and entire family.
iii)He was appointed as the second
in command only to Pharaoh
-First, they devoted themselves to
the teaching of the apostles
The apostles are witnesses passing
along the things which they have
seen and heard. It is entirely
possible that the apostles had
common set of instruction which
they regularly passed along to
new converts. If this is the case,
then there was a basic body of
tradition within months of the
death of Jesus which could be
called the “teaching of the
-Second, they devoted themselves
to fellowship (κοινωνία). Since this
word has the connotation of
sharing common,
I would suggest that many of
those who needed assistance were
Diaspora pilgrims who accepted
the message of Jesus and
remained in Jerusalem rather than
to return home after Pentecost.
-Third, they devoted themselves
to “breaking of bread.” While this
phrase can be used of sharing a
meal together, it is likely that Luke
is describing the community as
celebrating some form of
communion. Jesus breaking bread
as two disciples realized who he
was. I think that Jesus’ practice of
common meals was the
foundation for this practice they
all ate and drank together as one
-Fourth, they devoted themselves
to prayers. Since the Greek is plural
this is plausibly a reference to
daily prayers in the Temple. It
would not be unusual for Jewish
men to go to the Temple several
times a day to pray, so the
community continues to worship
at the Temple regularly. This likely
put them into contact with other
observant Jews who would then
be introduced to Jesus as Messiah.

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