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What You Need To Know About Post Graduate Certificate Programme


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What is Postgraduate Programme ?| What is Postgraduate Certificate Programme| What You Need To Know About Post Graduate Certificate Programme.

A postgraduate is a student who has to study for a period of two years to complete his post graduation in the subject of his choice.

Should You Do a Master Degree?

It depends on the career path that you want to take or maybe you want to go self-employment or whatever it is. It might not be the right thing for you or it might be and so I mean the ultimate thing it depends which sort of area of work you actually want to go into. Make sure you do your research on that though and make sure you choose the right University that’s it’s good for you go to the university talk to the tubers make sure it’s right for you right you know.

Now according to me why you should do a postgraduate degree? so let’s break it down in five reasons.

Reason number one the qualifications nowadays the job market requires a lot from its candidates and postgraduate degrees look really attractive in a CV. Plus they’re more specialized and employers tend to look for people whose skills are most Pacific and focused on certain aspects of their field .

Number two the practical experience prescribes your courses tend to be more connected with the industry. So it’s much easier to get placements and internships or just get in touch with people from a leader say you want to work in reason.

Number three a second chance there are people who have studied something that they realized they don’t love or they don’t want a career in so studying for a master’s in another field could be a second chance for them to do something they actually love a reason.

Number four a challenge it’s a challenge a hard one but if you love what you’re doing why not take it. Reason number five the experience you’re bound to gain new experiences from this especially if you’re an international student like I am and everything is gonna be new every day and that’s really special but always remember this it’s tough it’s not easy.

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Let’s just get it out of the way it’s going to be difficult you may get dizzy you may cry you may lose or gain weight if you haven’t done any of these things. Then I applaud you and you are brilliant but also remember this you’re doing the postgraduate course because you love your field you know it’s gonna be worth it when you finish. And you know that you have better options for your future so if you really want to study for a postgraduate degree choose it for the right reasons.

Advice for students:

As I am B.Sc Electrical Engineer and a blogger as well you can visit my blog for knowing net worth of celebrities if you are interested in that stuff . I did my 16 years degree from Mirpur university of Science and Technology so I have  advice for students who want to go into postgraduate study it’s like speed dating you have a limited amount of time a limited amount of information. You have to make very important choices. I think there are a couple of things you want to be thinking about, the first thing is am i interested in, what the faculty is teaching, do they seem to act as mentors to their students, is there a sense of community, is it an interesting mix of students and faculty, I think if you’re choosing where you are going to study as a postgraduate you really need to focus on your own interests and that means you need to reflect internally on. What is important to you whether it be the particulars of the subject and so that would direct you towards a few places where they’re providing interesting things that really match your desire in terms of what you want to study. But more broadly than that you want to find a place which is conducive to a year of very focused effort. If you’re studying for taught masters or several years if you’re a PhD student your postgraduate studies are a really big investment in your intellectual development and your career potential. There’s lots of different ways you can fund your postgraduate study and so it’s really important you take the time to investigate as many of these as possible. Postgraduate life at York is very full I would say don’t underestimate your course it is not going to be that easy but it’s not going to be that hard either. What you have to remember is that there are loads of things you can do alongside your course such as engage in societies sports activities or even get involved in a representational role like I did and remember that it’s up to you to to make those choices while you’re here you.

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Postgraduate studies conjures up images of boffins and white coats and students who can’t bear to leave University life isn’t once a grown up. What exactly is postgraduate study it sounds very grand it does sound very grand doesn’t?  it’s everything that you do after you’ve got a degree so you know it really it relates to things like doing a PhD with a regional piece of research or it could relate to doing a say a teaching qualification. But why to bother with postgraduate study well I think postgraduate study you have to be very clear about what is the added value of doing it okay now for some particular careers postgraduate study can be an essential route in so. For example if you’ve done a frost degree and then you decide to go into teaching then something like the postgraduate certificate in secondary education is something you have to do before you can actually teach but some people also do postgraduate study just because they’re interested in the subject area and they want to learn more about a particular area of work. Our particular area of research may be in more depth is it not just an excuse to be a student a little bit longer that is the danger and I think that one of the things that when we talk to undergrads who were talking about post grads usually masters is why are you doing this and why are you doing this now so those two factors what is it costing you in time, in other words, it’s a kind of opportunity cost issue you could have been trying something else. But you’re sticking in this kind of safe area safe for you thing is if you do a PhD in nuclear physics when people think you’re the brain of Britain maybe your employer will think you’re to experience.

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